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This challenge is different:

If you're a B2B consultant, corporate trainer/speaker or business coach, over 3 days you'll see exactly how to fill your calendar with high-probability prospects eager to talk with you. No ads, no funnels, no webinars, no nonsense.

  • This challenge is 100% focused on filling your pipeline with B2B corporate prospects from the Fortune 500 and Inc. 5000
  • This challenge enforces that you get results (aka great leads) because we're meeting LIVE on Zoom for step-by-step guidance
  • This challenge gives you the "exactly-how-to" with nothing assumed and nothing left out. It's the A-to-Z B2B lead generation playbook

Highly targeted organic leads

What's the secret you'll be implementing during this 3-day Consulting Leads Challenge? I've named it Call Out Content™️ and it's the #1 best way - for FREE - to take a prospect from cold to warm to hot because you show up on their radar as immediately relevant, helpful, and generous.

Here's what that looks like:

Day 1

Callout Content™️

Optimize your social profiles - Create Callout Content™️ that speaks directly to your BEST prospects' and clients' urgent, pervasive, expensive problems or most important strategic initiatives, goals, and priorities - Use high-integrity "hand-raise" mechanisms to invite engagement from prospects who want to learn more.

Day 2

Fish where the fish are

Identify the most relevant blogs, portals, communities, and groups where your ideal target market is already gathering. Engage in conversations, answer questions, post your Callout Content™️ and use invitation-based engagement strategies to pull - not push - ideal prospects onto your call calendar for a conversation about how you can help them.

Day 3

Build your Leads Machine™️

Once you field test, refine, and perfect your Callout Content™️ and engagement strategies, it's time to calendarize and optimize the system so that you can put fresh targets on your radar daily. You'll build your perpetual marketing plan and leverage your existing organic content in different places and on different platforms. Lather, rinse, repeat!

Don't miss out.

This is the "look over my shoulder" step by step B2B lead-generating help you've been looking for

👉 For: B2B Consultants, Business Coaches, Corporate Trainers/Speakers

🏆 Who Want: More corporate clients from the Fortune 500 and Inc 5000
June 3-4-5, 2024

3pm-4:30pm US Eastern each day