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How to Market, Promote & Profit from a Non-fiction Business Book... and Get the Reviews, Sales, Clients, and Recognition You Deserve

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David Newman, CSP

Bestselling author of Do It! Marketing and Do It! Selling

Write Fast, Market Hard, Sell Smart!

  • 11 ways to get maximum revenue from a non-fiction book built around your expertise
  • Self-publishing vs. traditional publishing today and how to decide which is for you PLUS how to get an agent (and why you need one in the first place)
  • 5 BIG traps, mistakes, and blunders and how to avoid them, as well as smart alternative formats that are FAR easier to write, easier to read, easier to buy, and easier to buy in bulk (ka-ching!!)
  • Shortcuts, tools, and tactics that make writing your book easy, effortless, and enjoyable
  • PLUS recommended book writing and marketing resources you can use now
  • Our usual massive live Q&A session at the end to answer all your book publishing and book marketing questions
  • Bonus: Sneak peek behind the scenes of my recent book launch for Do It! Selling with nitty gritty details 🤓

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